UP Youth Choir

Sophia Booysen

Financial Manager

Being associated with the UPYC has opened my eyes to the potential of the youth in South Africa. These young singers often start out shy and leave as confident young adults that have learnt not only musical skills but also life skills.

They find themselves in an environment where they can develop their unique talents to become more interesting individuals for their families and community, is that not the start of a recipe for success?

The UPYC foundation has been established because of the enthusiasm of the singers to bring communities together. The main fundraiser for the foundation is selling beaded products produced by street artists in Pretoria. These products are packaged by the disabled community and sold by the choir to international audiences across the world.

​Michael, the bead artist, writes about the project

“Doing the beading has helped in the aspect that I can support my family financially and also creating employment for my colleagues who help me when the orders are big. It gives me courage to continue doing it and teaching others along the way as it shows one can make a living doing beads.”

​It proves to show that the joyful rhythm of the music runs throughs the veins of the youth, creating a positive culture to bridge the challenges of the diverse communities in our country.

Changing the world, one voice at a time!