UP Youth Choir

Ookame Loate

I learnt about UPYC early on in my high school career and was always in awe of the choir’s talent. In 2021 I finally decided to join after I heard all the stories my friends already in the choir told me. I have made so many memories that I will forever cherish with people that […]

Lehlogonolo Mathopa

I mastered the courage to join UPYC at the end of 2021 after hearing the stories and how great UPYC is from my boys and what I was missing out on. I have made friends that I will forever cherish and keep around because of UPYC. They have made my UPYC journey a lot more […]

Hafani Ramagoma

It’s amazing what music can unleash in an individual. UPYC has allowed me to diversify to others and I’ve learnt to find meaning in words through music. I’ve been in UPYC since 2020 and it’s been a great platform that has given me the opportunity to expand musically, physically and mentally. I’m on course to […]

Tshoboko Tlomatsana

When I first found out about UPYC, I was inspired to join because it felt so different yet unique to what I was usually exposed to in school. When I finally built up the courage to audition, I could tell that Lhente, Hermz and everyone in choir was a bit skeptical as to how I […]

Thato Moyo

I joined UPYC in late 2018 going into 2019. I didn’t have the confidence in myself to grab opportunities when I saw them, but throughout my journey in UPYC, I got so many opportunities to do things I never imagined myself doing. UPYC has moulded me into the person I am today, strong, confident, knowing […]

Ontiretse Magadzi

I’ve known about UPYC pretty much since I stepped into the choir scene and adored the choir since, but I only built up the courage to audition in 2020, and by some miracle I got in and it’s been a crazy ride since. UPYC has given me countless opportunities, including this one and I have […]

Jess Schorr

I had the immense privilege of singing in the choir in my Grade 11 year in 2013. Having sung in the Jakaranda Children’s Choir, I was already immersed in the choir experience and was excited to move onto the older choir. What I didn’t know was the impact UPYC would leave on me. The friends […]