UP Youth Choir

Herman Piek

Herman, a dedicated and passionate singer, joined UPYC in 2016 and has since been an active member of the choir. He traveled across Europe and Canada with the choir, creating unforgettable memories with his fellow singers while exploring the world. Herman’s devotion to music fueled his desire to contribute to the choir that had provided […]

Sophia Booysen

My association with UPYC has enabled me to witness firsthand the potential of the youth in South Africa. Despite starting out as timid singers, these talented individuals develop into confident young adults who not only gain musical skills but also valuable life skills. The environment provided by UPYC allows the youth to cultivate their unique […]

Herman Swanepoel

For over 12 years, Herman has actively contributed to the UPYC community. He started as a singer and gradually moved up to become the Assistant Conductor in 2009. Throughout his journey, UPYC has opened numerous avenues for him, allowing him to nurture his passion for music and explore new horizons. Herman currently conducts six choirs, […]

Lhente-Mari Pitout

Lhente-Mari Pitout, an acclaimed musician and music educator, has dedicated her life to promoting the rich traditions of the South African choral field. As a conductor, musician, and adjudicator in both classical and contemporary genres, she has gained a reputation as one of the most highly esteemed female educators and choral conductors in South Africa. […]