UP Youth Choir

When I first found out about UPYC, I was inspired to join because it felt so different yet unique to what I was usually exposed to in school. When I finally built up the courage to audition, I could tell that Lhente, Hermz and everyone in choir was a bit skeptical as to how I would commit to a choir so far from where I live. But the passion I had for creating music with this extraordinary choir pushed me to continuously show up each and every practice and concert, regardless of the distance.

My plans now are to start my MBBCh degree, through the help of the bursary that was generously awarded by SEESA, at Wits University to qualify and become a doctor. This will enable me to give back to the community in a slightly different, but similar way to how UPYC has given back to myself and various other people throughout the years.

I hope to still have the time and opportunity to explore and expend my musicality through other available channels in my new chapter. Be that with UPYC itself or other choirs that will become available to me this year.