UP Youth Choir

Herman Piek

Manager & Graphic Designer

Herman, a dedicated and passionate singer, joined UPYC in 2016 and has since been an active member of the choir. He traveled across Europe and Canada with the choir, creating unforgettable memories with his fellow singers while exploring the world. Herman’s devotion to music fueled his desire to contribute to the choir that had provided him with so much.

In 2019, UPYC offered Herman an internship with the management team. He worked alongside the executive team, using his experience as a choir member to ensure that new singers received the same opportunities and experiences that he had. Herman worked tirelessly to guarantee that new members had equal chances to thrive in the choir.

Thanks to Herman’s dedication and hard work, he earned a promotion to Manager and Graphic Designer in 2020. He spoke about his love and passion for UPYC, explaining how being part of the choir had transformed his outlook on life and helped him grow as a person. Herman cherished his experiences with UPYC and believed they were invaluable, having had a profound impact on his personal growth.