UP Youth Choir

Herman Swanepoel

Associate Conductor

For over 12 years, Herman has actively contributed to the UPYC community. He started as a singer and gradually moved up to become the Assistant Conductor in 2009. Throughout his journey, UPYC has opened numerous avenues for him, allowing him to nurture his passion for music and explore new horizons.

Herman currently conducts six choirs, each showcasing his unique arrangements of African music, which have earned accolades across Canada and parts of the USA. His dedication and hard work have been the driving force behind his success as a conductor and arranger.

Apart from his musical endeavors, Herman has a deep-seated passion for music education and character building. He firmly believes that music has the power to shape one’s character and instill discipline and perseverance. As a result, he has tirelessly worked towards creating a conducive environment for young musicians to grow and develop their musical skills.

Herman’s passion for music education is evident in his work with UPYC. He has been instrumental in organizing workshops, masterclasses, and concerts, giving young musicians the opportunity to showcase their talent and learn from experienced professionals. His unwavering commitment to excellence has been an inspiration to the entire UPYC community.

Herman’s contributions to UPYC have not gone unnoticed. His arrangements of African music have been highly acclaimed, and his dedication to music education has earned him respect and admiration from his peers and students alike. He has been a valuable asset to the UPYC family, and his passion and hard work have made a significant impact on the organization.

In conclusion, Herman’s journey with UPYC has been nothing short of remarkable. His dedication and hard work have made him a respected figure in the music community, and his passion for music education has inspired countless young musicians to pursue their dreams. As UPYC continues to grow and evolve, Herman’s contributions will undoubtedly remain an integral part of its success story.